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My parents gave me CHARLES as a first name, but called me by my middle name, DAVID. That was a cruel trick to play on a kid.

I hated the first day of class. For thirteen years of school, and eight years of college, my classmates laughed when the teacher called role for the first time, “Charles Mixson.” I responded the same every time,

“HERE. But I go by my middle name, David.”

So, if you see me in public and call out “Charles,” I might not answer.

I once wrote at davidmixson.com, but I wrote cautiously because I knew my friends and family could find me with Google, and because my mom and dad told me to never put anything in writing that I didn’t want the whole world knowing, and that was before the internet.

Maybe I thought writing at CharlesWrites.com would give me anonymity. Probably not so now, since I used my real name in this post.

Some day I might balls-up and tell my friends and family I write here. For that reason I probably won’t write much about them. My dad was a minister and use to tell stories about me in his sermons. I didn’t like that, so I’ll respect their privacy in this online space. At least… that’s my plan.

Kids, if you’re reading this, you’d better do right or I’m going to tell the world. That’s good parenting, right? While we’re talking about parenting, I’ve got to tell you… I don’t always get that right, either. I once spanked child A, when child B was at fault. They remind me about that every once-in-a-while. But the topic of parenting doesn’t really belong in this post.

I still haven’t told you much about me. If you’d like to see my resume (I realize you don’t), I suppose I could send it. But, here’s the short version:

CharlesWrites Family

I’ve been married to the same wonderful woman for over 25 years. I won’t write much about her, because even though I tell my kids I’m not afraid of her, I really am… as any respectable husband should be of his wife.

I have two wonderful kids (most of the time). Well, I have “two kids” ALL the time, the “wonderful” adjective is the part I’m saying is MOST of the time. I have three dogs–about two too many. All were my wife’s idea. Who lets dogs live inside the house, anyway? I guess I do, even though one is a Great Dane.

My parents taught me better than this, but they’re both somewhere more special than here.

I’m passionate about motorcycles, coffee, space exploration, plants and such, juicing, gaining and loosing weight, exercising (I really hate every minute of it), writing, looking at cars, and learning something new about most any topic. Oh, and I like people now. I decided, just last year, that I enjoy getting to know new people. I’ve worked as an engineer for NASA, the space place, for over 25 years.

Charles David Mixson